Feeding The Family and Fuelling The Mind

The age-old challenge of appealing to a range of likes and dislikes while ensuring each of the family is eating the right balance of nutrients is real. Perhaps due to months of restrictions, we’ve become ever-more aware of just how little variety our kids have in their diets; it’s an issue as real today as ever. In fact, it is thought that as many as 94% of parents feel stressed daily because of fussy eating and an alarming 72% of parents worry that their child is not getting the right balance of nutrients.*

Not all is lost! Whilst we live in an age and society where convenience and speed dictates many of our eating decisions, the world is changing; diets are more scrutinised and options to eat a more varied and nutrient-dense dishes are being highlighted more with every week.

Food mileage, quality of meat, fish and all plants are of great importance here at Provenance and its one of our core values to ensure that our chefs embrace the nutritional contribution our dishes can make to our customers.

Whilst we can’t change habits overnight, we at Provenance are on a journey to highlight that eating out and good food choices can not only go hand in hand but can, in fact, help us all to see how easy some of those good choice decisions can be.

During 2021, our mission will be to communicate more with our younger customer, understand what they enjoy about food and see how together we can start to make a positive difference.

*Annabel Karmel, author, chef and contributor to national newspapers and TV/Radio specialising in Kids’ nutrition.